Keep Growing!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Keep Growing! The John o'Groats Development Trust Growing in Groats initiative has now handed out nearly all the small tubs of flowers to local people and we are delighted at the success of this scheme. We promised that we would have further news on this as well as some more tubs to hand out.

Another half dozen small tubs are now available to collect from the Seaview Hotel. Please message us if you want one. There is still time to appreciate them this year.

In addition we also have some half barrel sized tubs for sharing with communities. A great opportunity for groups of households, village halls etc, in our Community Council area to come together and enjoy planting and growing as well as beautifying their area. These larger tubs will come with the compost you need and three plants and are all free. Get in touch if you want one. Numbers are limited.

In addition to all this we have set up a Facebook group dedicated to helping people grow in Groats (or the Dunnet and Canisbay area!). Rather predictably it is called “Growing in Groats”. If you have taken a tub or one of the earlier veg or sunflower planters, or are just interesting in gardening then go along and ask to joint the group. We aim to share hints tips, success and failures and use it as a launchpad for more growing related activities in the area.